Wake up – Good morning alarm clock

Good morning alarm clock. Nice to see you again. You’re one of my best friends, a reminder that I am busting my ass.

Coffee, my dearest friend and ally. I can always count on you for extra productivity.

Hello, exercise bike. The decision to use you is insanely important. Forcing myself to exercise without any food or energy in my muscles sets the tone for my day.

Howdy, shower. Wash away my blood, sweat, and tears. Transform me from a monster to a clean, well-mannered employee.

Welcome to work. I hope its a Monday. The beginning of a journey. A demonstration of output. A trophy of my honed skillset. A reminder of how far I’ve come.

Gym, so happy to see you. My prison. My captor. The place where I suffer the most. My chance for a better life. My opportunity to be more than average. My true love.

Darkness. You and I are best buds. I see you in the morning on the way to work and late at night when I’m coming home.

Hey again, work! It’s me. I never stop. My brain doesn’t turn off. I’m not happy unless I’m moving forward. Scale that business, develop that product, consult that client.

Preparation. The reason I am the best. I need you in my life. Like the oil in my car, you keep the next day running smoothly.

Sleep. I hate you.


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