Should I go to Grad School? 4 Reasons You Should

Are you asking: Should I go to grad school? As a current graduate student, I have listed out 4 reasons to go to grad school . I highly advise that you meet each of these! Graduate school is extremely challenging and even the motivated people will not complete it sometimes. Here are the 4 reasons to go to grad school:
1. No other path is appealing to you
This is the first one because its probably the most important. Grad school can be very brutal and if you don’t really want to be there then you will NOT get through the tough times. The challenges you face in grad school will not be made better if you find yourself daydreaming about switching to dental school instead. People who want to be in grad school have a tough time, so just be sure you want to be there.

2. You’re obsessed with learning about WHY something happens

Grad school is all about finding out the WHY. Sure, you can run endless experiments and report the results which should be new results if they get published in a journal. But, you need to come up with an explanation for those results. Coming up with a WHY is what sets a graduate student apart from something with no training who could likely do the same test if properly trained. You need to use your years of training and experience to formulate a good reason you are seeing your results. This will have to be a bit more in depth than your high school lab reports, haha.
3. Increase your job prospects and set yourself apart from the crowd
A much smaller percent of people have their doctorate than their bachelors. Getting a doctorate will absolutely set you apart from the rest of the field. Many jobs that were once being done by people with bachelors degrees are now being done by doctorates with the hopes of moving up the ranks. The job market currently is not that great and if you need to get your foot in the door at a company, higher education may be what makes you or breaks you.
4. Work in an academic setting, research lab at a company
 Pretty much the only way to do your own research at a university or company full time is by having a doctorate. These institutions like to see that you have proven you can do original research and have completed a graduate program.
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