Psychology of Success – Everything is Mental

What is the psychology of success? This is the study of what mind state you need to be in to be successful and, of course, there is no one mind state or magic recipe for success.

However, I have always found it useful in all of my endeavors to find someone who achieved what I want and replicate them, and then do it even better. When I was learning skateboarding, I watched many videos of the pros and saw how they did tricks. Then I’d try it on my own in my driveway. I feel like this same method, used by most everyone, can also be applied to figuring out how to be successful. There are many successful people in the world and they are doing something right that most of us aren’t.

I believe the difference is in the mind state of these successful individuals.

My dad always used to tell me that everything is mental. I didn’t really believe him ‘t barraged me with this saying every time he would drive me to a sports practice. I always rolled my eyes. I drifted through sports practice and high school, never applying myself and always achieving mediocre. Before I knew it, after having wasted my life playing video games, I was soon to be entering college. I was  not about to squander this opportunity, something clicked. I applied myself 110% in my engineering program, replaying snippets in my head of teachers and students laughing at dumb answers I had given in class. This was my fuel for 4 years of undergraduate. Once I was bitten by the bug, I realized accomplishing goals is completely mental. I did not get distracted from my studies, and even had an internship each summer in graduate school. Now I am in a PhD program, kicking ass. Everything is Mental, the success of your goals coming true rides on this mantra. Just do it. I have become fascinated with what makes people successful and hope to discuss this as it applies to my own life and also write case studies on why other people are successful. Thanks for reading.

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