How to Overcome Online Gaming Addiction

There are tons of people today who have an online gaming addiction. It is a horrible thing for both the addicted and those around them. Gaming addictions are just like a drug addiction, and should never be taken lightly. It will make people do stupid things, act completely out-of-character, and will make you feel empty and unfulfilled until you conquer it. I know this first hand, because I had one to both Runescape and Counterstrike at different times in my life. I spent almost all of high school playing these games and was absolutely in a full-blown addiction to both. Hopefully, this post will help you to conquer video game addiction in your life.

Why are these games addicting? They are entertaining at first, but the main thing is: they never end. Some video games have an ending where if you defeat the final boss, the game is over and there is nothing else to do. One of the problems with games today is that they are open-ended where a player can spend thousands of hours on them and still have fun playing a completely new aspect of the same game. This traps the player in a single game for a long time.

Another reason is: hundreds of thousands of other players are trapped too. This is a bad, bad thing since you feel like you aren’t alone in the immense amount of time you are spending on a game. You will even become friends with these people from another world. Before long you will become best friends, as your real life shuts down and your virtual life thrives.

Your entire life will change to add more playing time. Showers can be skipped, you can eat at your computer, family time isn’t important. This is very much the behavior of an addict and describes tons and tons of people.

How do you get out of this virtual trap? I have read everything there is to read and the advice out there sucks. Some sites will tell you to just limit your playing time to a little bit each day. Wow, thats really easy! Thanks! I’ll just not play as much. That will work about as well as telling a cocaine addict to only do a little cocaine each day.

You need to stop playing the game entirely. I tried to limit my playing and it worked for a short time which convinced people I was off of the game. I only found myself playing full-time a few months later. You need to treat that game like a recovering alcoholic, where you measure your success by ‘years clean.’

All that time that you forced  yourself to have so that you could play your game is now freed up. What the hell are you going to do now. Someone who had an addiction to these games, won’t find anything else nearly as engaging. Trying to fill your time by watching a TV show or listening to music will leave you feeling bored.

BOTTOM LINE: You need to cultivate a hobby or a passion that you can fill that idle time with. For me, that was working out. I learned that I loved reading about lifting weights and watching motivational youtube videos to get me hyped up for my next challenge made me feel fulfilled. Like I had something to look forward to.

What’s a good hobby to fill your time with? You need to figure that out for yourself. You need to fill that time with something meaningful that will grow to like more than the game. Whether that is spending time with family, finally hanging out with your remaining friends, or becoming  a DJ. It is a must otherwise you will go right back to the game. Treat a gaming addiction like a real addiction.

Hope this helps to anyone reading it. Good luck, its hard but you can do it.


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