Make Money Online Websites: Huge Scam

If you go on the internet at all these days you will almost definitely be bombarded with ads and links to websites that promise you can make $200 a day online. You can even quit your day job that you hate! I feel bad because these guys advertising that are making the big bucks. How? They are playing on peoples desire to get rich from home. To quit that job and quit their shitty life. I have been there before, where I want to do something different to make money, and I have played into it before even (luckily not buying a thousand dollar course or something similar).

Let me tell you this: it’s a scam. These “business tycoons” wouldn’t be teaching you their secrets if it actually made a lot of money, they’d be using it themselves to get rich. Or, they have calculated that they can make way more money playing off your emotions than they can with your strategy.

Here’s an example I stumbled across and even considered getting involved in. It’s called Private Labeling a product. Essentially you find a niche product and get it manufactured in China through a site like Alibaba, the manufacturer can even stamp your own “brand” on the product. You buy this in bulk with an initial payment of a few thousand dollars. You get the massive shipment shipped to Amazon’s warehouse where they even take care of selling individual units of your product. With essentially no work, there are millions to be made!!! Right?

This works for many sellers, are you one of the ones that will succeed? I doubt it. Don’t waste your time. First, people who have been doing this for years will crush you in terms of profit margins and have refined their method down to a science. Second, this market is completely oversaturated with people just like you and the real professionals. This sounds like such an easy way to make money…let me tell you that people LOVE that. They will flock to an easy idea like flies. People are lazy. And when it comes to doing something better than thousands of other people, you likely aren’t that much better.

This whole scam is like trying to pick stocks. Everybody thinks they are smart and thus they must be good at picking which stocks will skyrocket. Yet, the vast majority of average people lose money picking stocks, while the experts make millions and even billions. There are websites built around how to pick stocks that will make you filthy rich. Why would these people be divulging their biggest secrets if they actually worked? They are making more money off a chump like you who wants a better life than they would applying their own tips.

Bottom line: Don’t play into any of these “easy money online” ideas. The marketer is trying to get your money whether its through an e-book sale or an expensive course, and hell, the “knowledge” that you gain probably won’t be that good anyways.

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