I Messed Up: Account for success and failure

Are you saying: I messed up? Well, you actually need to account for success and failure in any goal that you are planning, especially the failure. Messing up on a goal is one of the main reasons people get derailed from accomplishing something amazing. Despite what many people think, it is possible to mess up and still win in the end. In fact, you need to account for failure before you even start which is not something that people usually do in goal setting.

This is crucial.

We are human and are certainly not perfect. Our numerous hormones are always running on their own schedule. A stressor will cause everything to go wild. In setting out on a journey, work in a way to account for failures and deviation from your ideal course.

If you want to eat healthier, work in a cheat day once a week to satisfy your fat, sugar, and carb cravings. Try to not go wild but be sure to get it out of your system. Then get back on track the next day. If you don’t do this on a diet, you will eventually get completely derailed since your body will be constantly deprived of certain cravings and this will lead to a feeling of wanting to eat everything for days.

For a fitness goal, realize that it is OK to take days off. You should always listen to your body. But realize this is fine to do and that you haven’t completely messed up, just make is mandatory to get back into it the next chance you get. Make it non-negotiable to workout the next day.

As a graduate student, my productivity can’t always be at 100%. There are days where I try my best to perform but just can’t. I realize this and instead call it quits on the day and go home. I try to get as prepared as I can for the week doing chores and errands so that I make the rest of the week as productive as possible. This break gets me back on track.

Always account for the mistakes you are GOING to make in your journey. They are inevitable so you might as well plan. 🙂

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