How to start going to the gym

Being afraid of going to the gym is a very common thing for people wanting to ease into working out. Mainly, this happens because you don’t want other people watching you work out. You think they will judge you and laugh. You think all eyes will be on the newbie at the gym. Well, let me tell you this: THEY DON’T GIVE A SHIT. Here I will describe how to start going to the gym and not care about what other people say.

I went through the stage of awkwardness at the gym. I kept going, and now I’ve been going over 2 years. I see newbies every day and I do see some dumb stuff, but I always remember that that was me. I was learning how to lift weights and workout properly at one time. And honestly, the dumbest stuff I see is from really experienced weightlifters.

Here are some tips on how to get yourself to the gym and make yourself feel more at ease:

  1. Go at a busy time. Go after work, so 5-6pm. The gym will be busier and you will actually feel like you can blend in a little better.
  2. Start off using the cardio equipment. Easing into the gym by starting with just using the cardio equipment will make you get more comfortable with the gym environment. Also, you already know how the cardio equipment works and thus won’t feel embarassed when you feel like you’re using the squat rack wrong.
  3. Look up exercises before you go. Sticking with the free weights might be a good start. Bicep curls and chest presses with the free weights are pretty self explanatory.

Remember nobody is giving a single thought to what you are doing. As someone who is an experienced gym-goer, I am solely focused on the heavy-ass weight that I am about to lift. I see so much shit from all the gymrats and newbies that nothing can phase me. So stop being afraid that people are going to judge you at the gym, they don’t care. It’s all in your head.

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