Goal Planning: Do a Little Bit Everyday

Do a Little Bit Everyday are the words I live by. This is the absolute best approach to goal planning. These words have completely changed my life and the way that I approach setting goals.

Let me describe how I used to be and tell me if this sounds familiar: It’s new years eve and I’ve been obsessing about this new goal that I am setting for myself starting tomorrow. I haven’t acted on this goal in weeks, but man am I going to kick ass on new years day. The goal: get fit for summer

I carefully plan out how my days are going to be. One recipe that I will follow everyday for the next year. Its hardcore, I’m going to eat salads and chicken for every meal and I am not going to mess even once. I am going to an intense, 45 minute workout everyday and go hard because I am GOING to make this happen.

I start off great and actually follow my intense regimen. Week 3 rolls around and I am starting to feel the drag. By Week 4, I have messed up on my diet a few times and I feel terrible that I messed up my goal yet again. I am extremely sore and cannot fathom working out again.

This was me more times than I care to remember.

A few years ago, something clicked inside of me out of the blue: I decided I was gonna to run everyday for 20 minutes, no matter what. Non-negotiable. I told myself everyday I am exercising for 20 minutes even if I have to crawl home.

I started out on my journey confident I could do it but also scarred by my past failures. At first the pace was fast some days and slow other days but I didn’t give up as long i was hitting my everyday goal. I realized just that little bit of exercise each day was really making me feel great. I also noticed I was getting in better shape and that kept me fired up. I was going to do it this time.

I kept this up for the entire summer and before long, I didn’t even think about integrating the exercise into my life. Before I could do anything else I needed to work out. If that meant waking up an hour earlier I did it. This routine had become a non-negotiable part of my life.

Another thing that I believe was important in actually attaining (I still workout for at least 20 minutes every day). I also did not attempt to change anything else at that time. I let my diet be exactly how it used to be. I did not try to make too many drastic changes at once and this I believe led me to success.

I highly recommend getting into exercise this way. Perhaps 20 minutes a day is too much for you. Move it down to 10. Just do it every single day. It can walking, running, whatever you want. Eventually it will become a part of your life and if you aren’t killing yourself with every workout you will realize it makes you feel great afterwards.

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