5 Ways that Geniuses are Different

There are always those people who don’t conform in school or work. They’re the ones getting into trouble for whatever reason, while their superiors attempt to control them. It turns out that some of these people are geniuses. They take one-of-a-kind approaches to a problem. Einstein, Fermi, Dirac, Euler, Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos. These people are geniuses.

What sets them apart?

1. The genius keeps on learning

Even if they’ve finished college, they’re still on the hunt for new information by assimilating new information. They have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and may even adopt new subjects that have nothing at all to do with their work. For example, Mark Zuckerberg makes a list of new years resolutions each year. One year his goal was to learn Mandarin, and he gave a very convincing speech in Mandarin at a Chinese Facebook event.


2. They’re not afraid to be creative.

They’ll drop everything and go for a walk, or will put on the headphones while working on the computer. They may even get up and dance around the room. They’re the ones who draw on the wall and put their feet up on their desks. They telecommute to work. They don’t care how silly they look as long as it enhances their creative processes.


3. They don’t listen to authority.

A genius didn’t care what the other kids or teachers thought about him/her in school, and they certainly don’t care what their colleagues or managers think about them now. They may show up at an important meeting with scruffy hair and bluejeans. A manager or supervisor may have to repetitively tell them time and again that they must confirm to corporate rules. They may do so for a time, and then toss the rules out the window again. They may walk out of a meeting if they feel their voice isn’t being heard. Despite this, the wise business owner lets them stick around, because they are the problem-solvers and money-makers of a corporation.

4. They not only identify problems, they provide solutions.

A genius can analyze a situation and find a problem. And then they’ll not only verbally provide a solution, they’ll immediately do so. These are the people who get things done, instead of complaining about them.


5. They won’t take no for an answer.

It doesn’t matter if they’re trying to code new software or build a machine, every failure is a chance to do better. They don’t stop after the tenth failure, and they certainly don’t stop after the 1000th failure. Without geniuses, we’d never have the airplane, the computer, smart phone, or any of the modern day devices. They keep on thinking of different approaches until they get it right.

When geniuses are admired for being different, they will thrive and grow in a school, work, or hobby setting. For those geniuses who aren’t being supported and get tossed to the curb, they don’t really care—they’ll dust themselves off and continue on with their projects—making their supporters millionaires!


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