My name is Will and I am studying for a PhD in engineering. What makes people successful is a topic I have long been obsessed with. Why do some people make it big while others chase the dream their whole lives? I have become fascinated with what makes people successful, mainly because I want it too. With this site, I am going to break down the habits and lifestyles of highly successful people. Why? Because in my experience, it is best to not try to reinvent the wheel. Instead, find someone else doing what you want to do and then try to imitate that at the start anyways. What I find I will discuss as it applies to my own life and how it can apply to yours too.

My story:

Just because I am interested in the idea of success and what it means doesn’t mean I was always that way. When I was little, my dad always used to tell me that everything is mental. He barraged me with this saying every time he would drive me to a sports practice. I always rolled my eyes but years laters I realized he was right.

Before I knew it, after having wasted my life playing video games, I was entering college. Something clicked inside of me. I was not about to squander this opportunity. I applied myself 110% in my engineering program and learned about the determination it takes to accomplish a big goal. I became fascinated with tales of successful people and what got them there. I did not get distracted from my studies, and even had an internship each summer in undergraduate school. Now I am in a PhD program, kicking ass.

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