4 Ways Nick Woodman is Winning at Business

Nick Woodman, the CEO of GoPro happens to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs the country has ever seen. He is wise, smart and a salesman at heart. GoPro was a result of Woodman’s hobby of surfing, where he wanted to be able to take action shots.

  1. Passion and Personality

The first and most important thing one must do in order to become successful do things as a result of passion. And that is exactly what Nick Woodman did. After entering senior year in high school, Woodman played a lot of football and started to grow his infatuation towards surfing. It soon became a full on fixation for the guy and before he knew, he was surfing all the time. During his last year in high school, he gave up on all team sports and focused on surfing exclusively. Woodman also decided to go to a college that was near the beach so that he could surf after finishing college. He always was thinking of ways to fund his surfing. GoPro was born to capture insane surfing stunts.


  1. Refuse to Fail

A lot of you might not know this but Nick Woodman had failed twice before he became the CEO of GoPro. The first website which was called EmpowerAll attempted to sell all kinds of electronic goods for not more than a two dollar markup and was shut down fast without. A bigger failure came much later when he started with Fanburg back in 1998 which was a gaming and marketing platform. That lead to ascandal and was recognized as one of the biggest failures of all times.  He also spoke about how the fear of failure has helped him become successful. He was afraid that GoPro was going to go away just like FunBug did but because of his constructive fear, he decided that failure is not an option for him and that he will succeed the next time no matter what.


  1. Be obsessed

A third quality that set Woodman apart from the rest is his ability to develop an obsession towards what he loves. He let himself obsess over things. In order to get GoPro started, he moved back with his parents, started to work seven days a week at around twenty hours a day. He also wrote about his personal life to make headway. Woodman took dedication to an extreme. He didn’t want to waste anymore time. He also recounts sitting on a desk and trying to create that model. By doing that, he became successful.

In a Forbes article, an invester in GoPro and former Flextronics CEO Michael Marks said “He has a tremendous drive and presence, and when he says we’re going to do something, I’ve come to believe it,” and that “He completely wills things into existence.”


  1. He’s a great salesman

A final lesson that Woodman teaches us from his life is how to be a successful salesman. It seems like oftentimes that the most successful people aren’t even very technical, they just know how to sell their product and get people to invest in them. Woodman admits that selling the right way has helped him come quite far in life and it will also do the same for you. When Woodman was small, he was selling lemonade on the streets and by the time he grew up, the same guy was selling basketball and baseball t shirts during soccer games. It helped learn, grow and evolve.

“I can sell anything that I totally believe in but I’m a horrible salesman of something I don’t believe in.” – Nick Woodman

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