4 Reasons Why Elizabeth Holmes is a Titan of Industry

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. You have to really push yourself and go extreme at times. Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos who currently owns a business of 9 billion dollars admits that she had to really work hard and step up her game to become successful. Keep reading to know more about her.

1. She never takes vacations

In order to become successful in life, you have to be willing to work hard. And that is exactly what the founder of Theranos did. She has been working for years and has not taken a holiday at all. In fact, her home doesn’t even have a television. She is unmarried, loves to read a lot of books and stays dedicated towards her work all day. Apart from that, Elizabeth also admits that she spends a lot of time on studying and research. She tries to understand what is currently trending and what needs to be done to help her company get bigger and better.

2. She is well educated and focused

Holmes is one girl who didn’t waste a single minute in her life. She really stepped up her game and as a young girl, she studied quite a lot. She also went on to study in Stanford University where she completed her education. She also had consulted her professor in sophomore with the idea of starting a company and he had approved of the plan. She dropped out of Stanford later on though to focus on her business and later her professor who had advised her became the director of the company.

3. Always stays inspired

Elizabeth Holmes admits that she grew in an environment that inspired and encouraged her to do something wonderful every single day. She also learned how to grow the right way and believed there is nothing she cannot do. Her childhood was not normal according to her. Elizabeth has never wasted a single minute in her life. She has always studied, taken Mandarin classes to learn a new language, worked hard to hone her skills and kept herself up to date on what is happening around her. She literally stepped up her a game all the time.


4. Always kept the big vision in sight

Being the CEO of Theranos, Holmes has always remembered to keep the big vision in sight always. She told herself that in order to walk the path of success, one needs to keep the big vision in mind for that is the only way to become successful in life. It may not always be the way we have imagined but it always turns out right if you keep trying. The vision that we have in mind is the only way we can use to light our paths and press forward.

Keeping all of these ideas and thoughts in mind, Elizabeth has been able to become so rich and successful. She always advises her fans and other entrepreneurs to never lose sight of what they want to do and keep pressing forward.

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